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The samples delivered with the SDK use the application identifer for a HelloWorld application. The private key for HelloWorld is included with the samples. When you want to develop your own application, you need to create a new application within HealthVault, assign it a public key and install your own private key into your keystore. Freshly created applications run in the PPE (Partner Production Environment), a production-like environment partners use for development.

We want to get into a state where the private key is held in the java keystore and the public certificate is configured for your application within HealthVault.

Registering A New Application

The .NET SDK comes with an utility named ApplicationManager. ApplicationManager creates new HealthVault applications in real time. The downside is that the public key installed with HealthVault originates from Windows certificate store. Java applications need their private key in a java keystore. Go ahead and create the application with a new certificate from Windows. Later we can later add a new public key we obtain from the keystore.

Adding A New Public Key

The PPE environment comes equipped with a self service site for maintaining your application: You need to generate a new public/private key pair within your java store and then upload a new certificate to HealthVault.

Instructions for generating a new public/private key pair within your keystore are located here: Getting Started It is critical that the private key in your keystore matches a public key in HealthVault. Export your new certificate from the keystore and get ready to upload it to HealthVault. Protect your keystore as it provides your application's access to HealthVault.

Once you have your certificate login to the config site, select your application and use the "PublicCert" option to upload your new certificate. Your application should now be configured with your own application identifier and public key.

If you encounter AcessDenied exceptions authenticated your application you may not have matched public and private keys. Check your configuration for the correct application id, and ensure the keystore has your private key.

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eakstickpiya Jul 20, 2013 at 1:04 PM 
After obtaining my own appID. after clicking in the connect buttion i get this message from the application:
The application doesn't have permission to call the specified method.
How Can i fix this??