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How to Integrate healthvault-sdk for android

Just open the link and
Click on Download, Download the, Unzip the SDK, You will get Android folder inside it, Go android\examples\android-weight\android-weight-app
My requirement is :
I want to import and run this example So what is the necessary step for that, or step to use Microsoft health vault sdk in our project ?
Note- when I was trying to import that example, I got lot of error due to missing Health Vault android SDK.

I have also gone through the below Link
but I face difficulty In Maven Integration for Android Development Tools and Maven installation .

can any one explain

step for Maven Integration for Android Development Tools


ssankara73 wrote Jul 19, 2013 at 1:52 PM

Sorry if this is coming late but I had the same issues. Somehow, this does not seem to be an issue with Healthvault R1.4.0.
  1. Download R1.4.0 from
  2. Unzip to a local directory
  3. Are you using Eclipse? If so, import the project via File -> Import -> Android -> Existing Android Code into Workspace
  4. Select the android folder in the unzipped sdk zip file as the Root Directory.
  5. Make sure that both android-sdk and example\weighter are selected. Click Finish.
  6. This should give you two new projects (a) android-sdk and (b) Welcome
  7. Run Welcome as an Android Application. This is the demo.
I saw these instructions on a webpage that I am unable to locate again, so just wrote out the steps here.