Is all datatypes available in java sdk to interact with healthvault

Dec 4, 2009 at 7:52 AM

Using .net SDK, I am able to insert allery, immunization, and some information into the healthvault, and "ApplicationManagager.exe" is used to create the application id. I used 3 namespaces[Microsoft.Health, Microsoft.Health.Web, Microsoft.Health.ItemTypes] in .NET, where all the data typest[Allergy, Immunization,LabResults,Medication and many more available] to access healthvault ppe.

Is it possible to achieve the same using java sdk? If yes, How should I do?[I am a beginner to java]. Using which ".exe" [applicationmanager.exe in .NET] I should create the application id? If I create a healthvault project in eclipse what are the namespaces i need to refer in my application and how should i refer, to reach health ppe site. 

The current SDK[healthvaultjavalib-29628] has only "weight" data entry, which too not stored in the healthvault ppe account.

 Kindly explain the steps in detail.

Dec 4, 2009 at 8:46 AM

If you would like, you can check out a newer edition of the SDK.  The one you chose is from 9 months ago.  If you use the Jaxb branch you will have access to classes which represent 80 HealthVault types. Again, looking at the sample ui application and unit tests are your best bet to see how things work.

Look at the Home page for directions about the ApplicationManager and your own application id. 

The Getting Started page gives some direction for making requests with the R1.0 SDK where you are responsible for marshalling request and type XML. 



Dec 4, 2009 at 10:59 AM

I downloaded "healthvaultjavalib-46164" and followed the "readme.txt" as follows: Opened command prompt, ran "mnv package", mvn javadoc:javadoc and mvn eclipse:eclipse, and now they told to import the project into the eclipse and then asked to do as follows: "In Project-->Properties-->Build Path, configure the M2_REPO variable to point at your maven repository.  This is probably in <user_home>/.m2/repository.  If you miss or skip this step, eclipse will complain that it cannot find its dependencie".

As said in the above statement, where can I find M2_REPO variable, and how to point at maven repository?

And one more thing I'm still not clear, If I want to access healthvault from my live java application, do I need to use the "healthvaultjavalib-46164" there too?