How to get Blood Pressure details in android using Health Vault SDK

Feb 19, 2014 at 7:04 AM

I could successfully run the sample app for weight provided in the Health Vault SDK. Now i wanted to get the Blood pressure details ,For that i wrote
 Record record = selectedRecord;

               SimpleRequestTemplate template = new SimpleRequestTemplate(

                Log.e("My testing getPersonId ",""+ record.getPersonId());
                Log.e("My testing getId ",""+record.getId());

              /*  String info = "<info><group max=\"20\"><filter><type-id>" +
                    Weight.TYPE_PREG  +
                    "</type-id></filter><format><section>core</section>" +
                String info = "<info><group max=\"10\"><filter><type-id>" +
                        "ca3c57f4-f4c1-4e15-be67-0a3caf5414ed" +
                        "</type-id></filter><format><section>core</section>" +

                Request request = new Request();

                template.makeRequest(request, new RequestMarshaller() {

                    public Object marshal(InputStream istream) throws Exception {

                        Log.e("Testinggg",    getStringFromInputStream(istream));

                        return null;

But when i convert the input stream to string i get
 <response><status><code>0</code></status><wc:info xmlns:wc=""><group><filtered>true</filtered></group></wc:info></response> 
But when i try it using the type-id 3d34d87e-7fc1-4153-800f-f56592cb0d17 (Id for weight measurement) im getting response. I edited the offlinerules and checked blood pressure 5mins ago using this link .What im i missing here?