How to connect to my HealthVault account?

Jun 3, 2010 at 10:09 AM

Maybe a naieve question from a beginner but i would like to upload some test data to my own healthvault test account.

I see in the test code these calls (see below)  which refer to Rob May if i am correct. So the simple question is how can i test the java example code against my HealthVault account?

I saw in the readMe the story about private key generation but i dont get it. Can someone please explain step-by-step how to test the java lib against a particular healthvault account?

Thanks Peter






Jun 11, 2010 at 6:59 PM

Hi Peter,

Yes, the test code all connects to a PPE account I created.  If you want to use your own account, you will need to authorize the application first, then obtain the person-id and record-id you wish to work with.

To authorize the application for your account, run the weight-jaxb-ui sample application.  You can run it through eclipse or from the command line:

> cd examples/ui-jaxb
> mvn jetty:run
> point browser at http://localhost:8080

You should see a record-id and person-id at the top of the page.  The person-id is the user you logged in with.  The record-id is the record you authorized and selected.  You may use these values in "offline" mode as the code above shows.  Or you may use the authentication token in "online" mode as the example ui does.

If you use the unit tests or the ui examples as templates you will be using their application id.  You can follow the steps here to create your own application.