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Project Description
This is a library that can be used to write applications in Java that use the HealthVault servers. It does not implement all the functionality that is present in the HealthVault .NET API libraries, but does provide a framework in which that support can be implemented.

Getting Started
Certs to use
Using Your Own App Id
Global Availability

We've compiled all the method and type schemas and bundled them into a new jar. You can find the source code in the repository or download a release. For those people who do not like to parse and emit Xml, this might be for you.

System Requirements
Build system uses maven 2.2.x
JAXB uses JDK 1.6+

To develop against HealthVault mobile functionality we've built a small library to enable HealthVault applications on Android phones. Find the library and a demo application in the latest release.
More information here: Android Support

The “go live” process to deploy an application against the production HealthVault service can be found at
Information about the API that the HealthVault service exposes can be in the documentation in HealthVault .NET SDK and schemas for HealthVault datatypes.

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